Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm just a little crappy at meeting goals and keeping promises to myself. I'll update this thing at least once a week. It's been about six since the last one.  I'll do 100 by the One Year Anniversary (22nd of November, 2011). This is only the 70th. I'm not going to cry at this movie. The last one was The Muppets, if for some reason you haven't seen it, get off your bum and go... sit down. It made sense in my head. Don't get emotionally involved in a series that was cancelled years ago with no hope of continuing the cliff-hanger. Too many to mention.

But, I've got one that I will meet. Even if I have to nail myself to something. Just not sure how that's supposed to help. Admittedly this is a pretty ambitious one; see a film without the slightest bit of foreknowledge. To give an idea, Dad asked me about a flick, 22 Bullets. I told him it was a Jean Reno revenge story, and based purely on that, he watched. Those four simple words told him what he was in for. I'm not even going to have those four words. I'll even try with all my might to avoid seeing any promotional material and have the title, and considering the only way I'll succeed is with a foreign film, the country of origin. Of course, this could still lead to foreknowledge, if it's French there's a 60% chance Gerard Depardieu.

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