Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moon Prism Power

As promised, this here's about the Sailor Moon tokusatsu.  For those of you who can't remember (or haven't bothered reading posts of the past) a tokusatsu is essentially a live action anime.  Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon was made in 2003, but I didn't discover it until 2008.  When I heard about it, the words "O.K. then".  Go to 2009, and I had ridiculous amounts of spare time.  With nothing better to do, I went looking for it on YouTube.  After the first episode, I was stuck at that "O.K.", but continued watching.  By about the fourth, I was hooked.  There were a few things that did make consider not watching.  The first was a crap reason, my only memories of Sailor Moon were the poor English dub/edit of the anime.  But it was the first anime I saw, and I was going through that horrible nostalgia thing.  The second was that they decided to make Luna a stuffed toy cat, with the occasional CGI to have her walk around.  But I quickly came to my senses, remembering that effects don't affect quality.  Although there is another sort of problem, the show gets you into J-Pop.  There's one particular song, C'est la vie, that's featured in a few episodes, and as a result, it gets stuck in your head.  I double dog dare you.
I would make the suggestion that you wait until the end to watch Act 0, because if you start with this prequel, you probably won't want to continue.  Also, if the first episode doesn't quite take your fancy, try fast forwarding to episodes 21 to 28 for the Dark Mercury saga.  This little story was unique to the tokusatsu, and one of the best arcs in the series.
If you want even more footage, this time set to Go, Go Power Rangers, here.

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  1. Hey thanks for following my blog. The live action Sailor Moon video is a bit weird though. I could barely comprehend it as a cartoon!