Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Send a message out across the sky.

Previously on the Order of ZXQYV...
I mentioned something about Star Wars cash-ins. There were actually some good ones, on the telly. These included Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, V, and Star Fleet. It's that last one I've logged in for. No, it isn't a Star Trek rip off, it's an "anime". I put that in quotation marks because it's done with puppets, so I'm not sure if it counts. Anyway, Star Fleet. At the end of the third millennium, peace rests over most of space after the Space Wars. Until Commander Makara attacks Earth's Pluto and demands Earth hand over the mysterious F-01. Earth says "Bugger that for a joke" and sends out the X-Bomber, their most powerful ship to chase Makara through the depths of space. As an added bonus, and because it's a Japanese show, X-Bomber also house three smaller scouting ships that can combine into a giant robot, known as Dai X. So basically, imagine if the Millennium Falcon was also a transformer that could punch a hole into the Death Star instead. If you can find this in your travels, I do recommend you get it. Like most shows with a single major arc, it does drag on a little bit, but otherwise, all 24 episodes are well worth your time.
I first came across it through Brian May and Friends's cover of the theme, which you can hear, with some footage of the series here:

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