Sunday, July 10, 2011

Defending my laziness

You've probably noticed that the movie reviews on here are pretty half arsed, that essentially boil down to "Dude, this movie is freaking sweet. You have to see it". There is reason for that. I'm reviewing movies I saw at the cinema (don't forget to emphasize the "ma"). Growing up, I didn't get to go to the cinema that much, so it got to be something special. I still view seeing a film at the cinema as something special. I'm known to occasionally jump on the bandwagon and hate The Phantom Menace, but I got to see that with my Dad and brother. To this day, I still remember that my brother needed the toilet during the big battle bits in the end, so he and Dad missed bits of that. To put things into perspective, I saw that 12 years ago, I can't remember what I had for lunch 2 days ago. I don't just go down there on a whim. I'll think long and hard whether or not I want to see a movie up on the really big screen. No matter how many bad reviews I see, I'm still looking forward to seeing Green Lantern when it comes to Australia in another 4 weeks. Maybe I can lose this special feeling, given time. But, do I really want to?

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