Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Hornet

Remember how I said I wouldn't watch the Green Hornet because it was a Seth Rogen film? Also, remember how Seth Rogen totally blew me away with his acting in Paul? Well, those two are very much related to today's post.
After watching what has to be the strangest form of cross promotion, a special episode of Mythbusters based on the Green Hornet film, I decided to track it down and give the flick a look. Once again I overlooked a film based purely on his involvement. Personally, I blame Knocked Up, so I've kind of been ignoring his rise. Anyway, Green Hornet. In case you're not familiar, Britt Reid is slacker son of a respected media magnate. Unfortunately, Daddy dies and Britt has to deal with responsibilities. While getting a little merry he proposes an idea to his mechanic, Kato, that the world needs justice. So the two become heroes with a twist, they'll pose as villains.
Going in, I was quite doubtful of their decision to do it as a comedy. But thanks to every directors favourite phrase being "dark and edgy", this change was quite welcome.
I never thought I would ever say this a million years, but I kind of wish I had seen this in 3D. It looks like it was used rather well in the fight scenes using "Kato vision", where time is slowed down and Kato sees each attacker's movements and locks onto weapons, which looked brilliant. On that note, how well did Mr. Rogen handle the action? He did a pretty good job of it, even slimmed down quite a bit. After all, the film was his idea. Plus he got a "Kato vision" scene of his own.
As for the humour, there was some good stuff, especially the villain, Chudnofsky, with Christoph Waltz having a lot of fun. There was even one gag that have been layered. Kato starts his life story mentioning he grew up in Shanghai, to which Britt replies "I love Japan". On the top layer, it just shows Britt as being an idiot, but going further, we have the fact that Kato was originally Japanese in the radio series, changed to Korean during WWII and best known through Bruce Lee's portrayal in the TV show. With that much foreknowledge needed, this one of the best fan nods I've come across.
Hopefully next time I won't prejudge Mr. Rogen.

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