Sunday, November 6, 2011

The continued journeys of one of the best from the blue box

I noticed I haven't rattled on about Doctor Who yet. Let me rectify this. Well, I'll actually be going for one of the spin-offs. After the second series of the 2005 continuation, two spin-offs were developed; Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I've seen about one and a half seasons of the former, and I feel it doesn't retain the fun and wonder of it's parent series. Which brings me to Sarah Jane Smith.
Don't let the whole "kids show" thing bring you down, this was a damn fine series. Admittedly, like most it took a bit of time to find it's legs, specifically through about the first half of the first series. So, as you're watching Revenge Of The Slitheen, just keep reminding yourself "It gets better". Another way to assist the enjoyment is to forget about Doctor Who. The more you compare them, the less you'll get out of Sarah Jane.
I've told you one of the lesser episodes, but what of the good ones. This may sound odd, considering the name of the show, but some of the best have been stories where Sarah Jane takes a back seat and the focus is on one of her young sidekicks. In fact, the second to last story, The Curse Of Clyde Langer, is one such story, and is one of the shows finest hours. Doctor Who has often had trouble with having more than two companions at a time, SJA has had a total of four at one time, without getting crowded. Although, there have been a few episodes that scale it right down to just Clyde and Rani. It's these two that make it a shame the series has had to end. Hopefully they can find a way to have those two continue saving the world.

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