Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Six seasons and a movie

Despite the title, this rant isn't about Community. Well, at least not entirely.
You may have heard the news that Arrested Development would be returning in some form. And the world did rejoice. Except for me. I am a fan of the series, but I don't see why more needs to be made. The last episode tied everything up relatively nicely. Yes it was cancelled, but the writers were given warning to ensure they completed the story in the available episodes.  Which also meant less filler. Along with some great moments. My absolute favourite moment came from the final series (the kaiju fight in Mr. F).
And yet, people still want more. It seems TV shows aren't allowed to stop. Smallville was originally only going to have eight seasons. It finished with ten. Supernatural was only meant to go for five. It's still going during a seventh. And how about the ninth season of Scrubs.
Back to Community, there's the idea that as the school would only go for four years, so to would the show. The writers were already working on ways to keep it going.
Yes, I'll still give it a look if and when it sees the light of day, but I still don't know why.
P.S. Can anyone tell me if a show has gone for six seasons and one movie?

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