Friday, June 17, 2011


Like a majority of the internet, I like cats. You probably guessed that by looking at my picture. Or the fact I created a facebook page dedicated to one of them. My own family have joked they wouldn't recognise me if I wasn't cuddling a cat in some way. Why am I telling you this? Last night, Jasmine figured she'd spent more than enough time among the living. Bob only knows how long that was. She had only been with us for about four years, after Grandma went on a country-wide tour and dumped her on us. At the end of the trip, Jasmine had built up a nice arse groove and decided she was staying. Of course, she had to fight Gemini and Carmello for ownership of the house and its foodbringers. At least for me, it was a battle she had won. Jasmine may have smelt a bit more than kinda funky, and was a bit of a lump, but of all the smelly lumps, she was one of the best. Dad would often comment that Carmello was the only cat that seemed genuinely pleased to see you. If that's the case, Jasmine must've been ecstatic. All I'd have to do is call her name and sit on the porch steps. No matter how far she was from those stairs, she'd run straight there for a patting session. You had to go to Carmello.

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