Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh Jemima, how I missed you.

You may have noticed that it's been over a month since I last posted on here. There's a perfectly legitimate reason behind that. I had been away on a secret mission for Gemini. I was off in another house training three new recruits, who moonlighted as my aunt's cats. I wasn't that keen on being away from home for so long. Especially considering it meant a considerable reduction of hugs. I mean be a 6 foot 20 year old ape man, but I still like hugging Mum & Dad good night. A month without any of that, and was going a little Bonkers, even a little Marsupilami. Fortunately, I had contact with reality thanks to uni and facebook to help out with the crazy. OK, the facebook didn't help in the traditional sense. It just gave a place to let out the crazy in short bursts. I haven't let it all out, and I never will. I think I've still got an extra large sack of it in my room.
So, now that I have returned to home, and am uninhibited by blasted assignments, I may well return to some kind of schedule. Or completely forget I ever did this. Whichever works out. Hell, I've now got 6 weeks in which people won't be telling me to do stuff. So maybe I can go back to my original schedule, at least for that short time.

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