Monday, November 22, 2010

Welcome to the Order of ZXQYV

Evening all,

To start my life as a blogger, I figured a lovely little intro would turn out to be a good idea.  In fact, that’s probably how most insights into the world of ZXQYV will start; if it feels good, do it.  Now for those of you who found this in your daily quest for Internet based religious communities, the Order of ZXQYV is no such a thing.  For a start, I don’t buy into that stuff.  ZXQYV is simply a little nickname and signature I came up with after noticing those five are the least common letters in the alphabet, and as a certain pop icon said “I’m not like other boys”, so it just seemed to fit perfectly.  Better let you know, you don’t say it as “Z-X-Q-Y-V” its pronounced “Zex-Kwiv”.  As for why I’ve all of a sudden decided to put my insane ramblings up for everyone to see, if you bothered to read my little bio a major goal in that horrible thing known as life is to become some kind of a writer.  This seemed like a good idea as it could help hone my awesomeness outside of the world of academia.   As well as put my name out there so that when I do become a truly half-decent writer, there will already be a horde of salivating fans waiting to enter one of the many worlds conquered in the name of the Zex-Kwivian Warrior of Wonder.  I’ve just been informed I should make it clear that I’m the one in the cowboy hat.  The gorgeous feline who has allowed me to sit with her is Gemini.  The name is related to her face, not her desires for world conquest, enslavement of humans, and extinction of all dogs.  It just worked out that way.  Provided her supreme Highness doesn’t find out I’ve just revealed some of her plans, I shall return with further rants.

Until we meet again.

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