Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ben: Legacy

I'm fairly quick to adapt to new ideas, such as not not picking fights with crocodiles.  Unfortunately, I'm not as quick where technology is concerned.  I was pointing and laughing at the people spending hours on myspace.  I've had the same phone for seven years (Nokia 3315).  I didn't give youtube a shot until 2009.  I was only using the internet for quick bits of research on imdb and Wikipedia.  Then, with nothing better to do, I decided to reveal my thoughts to others with nothing better to do.  As you may recall, I was informed I'd have to familiarize myself with facebook if I wanted to get into journalism.  I considered dropping journalism instead of taking up facebook.  In the end I caved, though the I.T. Crowd "friendface" episode didn't exactly help.  Two months later, and I've changed my tune just a little bit.  I've discovered Laura Shigihara's blog for a start, which looks a little something like this; http://shigi.wordpress.com/.  A video game musician behind Plants Vs. Zombies's soundtrack, and good golly miss molly, is she talented.  Also, I've managed to build a little army/friendship made of my youngest brother's friends.  That's right, I've been having some of the best conversations with 15/16 year olds.  Please don't call the authorities.  Oh, we've even started a page for one of the cats.  We're aiming for 100 likes by the start of next month.  So help Carmello rule the world by liking this page; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carmello-Evil-Overlord/217785521572156

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