Monday, April 11, 2011

I really needed that.

I've managed to get a lucky break in the form of a two-week holiday.  Okay, I still have some bloody homework, but I don't have to stick to some schedule.  Last Thursday, I went and saw Sucker Punch.  I highly recommend you give it a look.  You've probably noticed it isn't getting terribly great reviews, with claims that there isn't much character development or reason to care about them, and the debate that if it's empowering to women, why are they sexualized?  Well, if I was facing the possibilities of a lobotomy or prostitution, I'd be trying to escape as well.  Also, the sexualization comes in the fantasy.  In other words, thats how she feels shes being treated.  If you've seen the ads, with all the violence and 'splosions, it's not that that kind of movie, you are required to kind of think.  When I defeat MCP and become ruler of the Internet, movies will stop having marketing, unless they can do it properly.  Now go see this movie, and you will be unprepared.

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