Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm back

It's been a bit of a while between drinks, but I have returned. basically, the scheduled posts are getting to be a bit of a chore, so instead, I'll be chatting with you whenever I damn well feel like it.  Mind you, how do I even know you're out there.  You could just be a figment of my imagination.  Those two followers could just be Tyler Durdens.
With the announcement of the villains in The Dark Knight Rises, I'm curious as to which is which.  The first two films had a puppet villain (Scarecrow/Two-Face) and someone to pull the strings (Ra's al Ghul/Joker).  The fact that Anne Hathaway has only been announced as Selina Kyle would suggest their keeping Catwoman under wrap, making her the master to Bane's puppet.  Or perhaps, They'll go with the breaking of the Bat, with Catwoman in place of Azrael.  What with Selina Kyle being classed as a love interest, perhaps we can get some Mask of the Phantasm action (The real best Batman movie in the history of ever).  Let me know what you think you undigested beef, mustard blobs and cheese crumbs.

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