Saturday, January 29, 2011

Put the blame where it's deserved

Now I'm not saying that Batman & Robin wasn't horrible, but at least it provided 2 hours of entertainment, in one way or another.  A guilty pleasure, if you will.  Thing is, Joel Schumacher seems to get all the blame for the failure.  After Batman Returns, Warner Bros. wanted to do more Bat films, Tim Burton didn't (he didn't even want to make a second).  Burton needed to be replaced, so the Bros. picked someone less likely to rebel, so they went for Schumacher, whose only other major credits were St. Elmo's Fire, an INXS video, and The Lost Boys (Fright Night's better).  In other words, he was chosen because he was fairly new to the game and could be pushed around.  The main thing he gets blamed or are the Bat Nipples.  He had nothing to do with costume design, that was the job of Ingrid Ferrin and Robert Turturice.  That's right, there were two people who thought it would be a good idea.  Of course, I find the writing to be the most blameworthy aspect, and what do you know, that wasn't Schumacher either, but Akiva Goldsman, who has escaped all blame.  This man decided to destroy the fine work of Batman: The Animated Series by reverting Mr. Freeze back into a nutter armed with a freeze ray and those awful, awful puns.  To leave you with a horrifying thought, Mr Goldsman is adapting the Dark Tower series.

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