Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beware my power

I’ve recently seen the trailer for “Green Lantern”, and even though I’m counting down the days until release, * I can’t help but find it a little familiar.  This is all because of the supposed necessity of an origin story.  The only excellent origin is “Batman Begins”, until the dog that is “The Dark Knight” came and piddled on that tree. Seeing how the hero gets to be the hero isn’t all that necessary.  The plot should create the character development, not the other way around.  If you still can’t see how pointless they are, look at the “Star Wars” prequel trilogy.  Give Hal the ring before the opening titles and move onto a plot, or put the origin in the opening titles like in "The Incredible Hulk", mind you I preferred Ang Lee's "Hulk.  Hopefully, it’ll be a success and the proposed trilogy will come into fruition.  Mind you, I’ve got another idea of giving the Emerald Gladiator a vehicle.  What with “Smallville” coming to a halt, give Oliver Queen/Green Arrow a spinoff where he teams up with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, following in the footsteps of the O’Neill/Adams series, kind of like “Supernatural” only Superpowers.  Maybe even bring in some of the other heroes featured in “Smallville”.

*As opposed to the similarly titled “Green Hornet”, which I decided against the second Seth Rogen was involved.

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