Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We apologise for that last post.

I’d like to apologise about the rushed and sloppy appearance of that last post.  I’ve decided to make my posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday morning rolled around, and I hadn’t exactly put much thought into what to write.  Seeing as how there’s five people living here (and four cats), I decided to call dibs on the net first thing in the morning and completely improvise.  Personally, I blame Gemini.  Some idiot decided to show her some Tom & Jerry toons, so she put me in charge of wiping mice off the face of the Earth.  Those cartoons are pretty realistic.  Mice are sly little bastards.  Speaking of Sly, I will personally deal with the person who shows her any Sylvester the cat cartoons where he’s up against the kangaroo.

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