Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Insane Ramblings That May Or May Not Rhyme

Banana Puddings roam the earth,
They've stolen all the bacon,
Their Queen is preparing for birth.
Our planet has been taken.

The humans are planning an attack.
The leader's pants were stolen,
It happened when he was bowlin'.
He'd do anything to get them back.

Their plan was in it's final stages,
They made a visit to the animals.
They opened all the cages,
And treated them like cannonballs.

The puddings began their bacon feasts,
When they were bombarded by flaming beasts.
The Queen's water had just broke,
A flowing river of Coke.

Burning giraffe filled the air,
Puddings dying everywhere.
"Zex-Kwiv" the Queen madly screamed,
In her eyes vengeance gleamed.

There was one last kangaroo,
Until they'd used all the zoo.
Soon they'd have to face the Queen.
This feat would not be mean.

Humans smashed down the door,
And looked upon their work.
Yellow ooze filled the floor
Blazing puddings went berserk.

The humans watched on unfazed
How could they be so crazed?
The Queen went haywire
And was ended with gunfire.

The puddings had been beaten
The humans began eating
The leader had reclaimed his jeans,
When along came the jellybeans.

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