Friday, December 24, 2010

Gemini's Gravity Gaffe

Gemini's noticed I haven't talked about her for awhile, and is currently advising me to rectify the situation.  Have you ever had a time when something kind of bad is happening and there's two voices in your head; one telling you to intervene, and a louder one telling you to wait and see what happens.  This happens a lot regarding Gemini's actions, I usually listen to the louder voice.  Most of the time, it's just her and Carmello fighting.  They can really go at it, so it's probably a good idea that they pull their punches.  However, the best stuff comes from her understanding of gravity.  She's realised that if she leans her head against the biscuit box, then pulls back, the box rocks.  If done enough times, the box will fall off the table and open, allowing her to have as much biscuits as she damn well likes, which is usually only a fraction of what falls on the floor.  There was a time where, despite the box's emptiness, she decided to "love" it.  Carmello was on side of the fireplace, and Jasmine on the other.  Gemini was aware of this placement, and continued loving the box.  This is where the loud voice was getting me to place bets on which cat was getting Tupperwared in the face.  In the end, it was Jasmine.  Despite this firsthand knowledge, Gemini believes she is immune to the pull of gravity.  Often whilst sleeping on an elevated surface, she gets quite relaxed and rolls around, until she runs out of bed.  The best part is seeing her expession slowly change from ecstasy to pants messing fear.

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