Monday, December 20, 2010

What to write about

This one's a bit of a filler at the moment.  I haven't quite worked out what to write about.  I've had a bunch of ideas floating in my head, but I've been getting into "Quantum Leap".  That, and I'm also watching the fifth season of "Dexter".  Unfortunately, I'm watching that one with Dad, so I've got to work with his schedule.  Mum and Dad have decided to be evil again this year.  They've decided to put all the stuff under the christmas tree well before christmas.  So, I'm stuck looking at the boxes trying to work it all out, which is worse than just plain not knowing.  Admittedly, I know what one of mine are as I picked it out.  I've got to try and finish "Quantum Leap" before christmas so I can get into "Veronica Mars".  I'm sorry for improvised rant, but I'll make it up for you on Wednesday.  After all, I'm seeing Megamind and Tron Legacy on Tuesday.  So I'll probably review one of them.

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