Monday, December 27, 2010

Similar but not the same

Occasionally, a movie comes along that doesn't get the attention it deserves because of its similarity to another one.  Which is a shame as this year I've come across two such films; one is as good as its doppelganger, the other is far superior.  They are "Defendor" and "Battle For Terra" respectively.  Defendor shared a similar plot to Kick-Ass, in that they both involve someone using their expansive comic book knowledge to become a superhero.  However, that's about all they have in common.  While Kick-Ass is a bit of escapist fun that doesn't even consider taking itself, or the superhero genre, seriously.  Defendor, on the other hand, is more of a social commentary on vigilantism, much like The Boondock Saints, or Death Wish (the novel, not the film).  Now to  the animated film Battle For Terra.  It was released theatrically in 2007, but wasn't marketed properly, so almost nobody saw it.  Recently, it was released on DVD to coincide with its doppelganger (I'll just give you the plot, and see if you can work it out).  Battle For Terra is set in the future after humanity has buggered up Earth, and is looking for a replacement.  During a battle, one of Earth's fighters ends up amongst the native Terrians. This soldier goes back to the other humans, and tries to create a cooperative living arrangement between humans and Terrians.  When this doesn't work out, a visually stunning, edge-of-your-seat aerial battle ensues.  Again that was the plot for Battle For Terra, not Avatar.  So forget Avatar ever happened and let the better film win.

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